Issue on installing axelor V7 war

Hi All,
Now I’m download axelor war V7 but it is not opening showing 404 error

what do you call « opening » ?


I have the same error. My log says that I don’t have the good dependencies.
I don’t have time either to resolve yet.

You have instal good version of Tomcat , java , postgres ?

Hi @bDurtaut what versions do we need? I’ve already download from sources AOS v7.0.0, java11, gradle 7.5.1 and tomcat 9.0.64 but I get errors when build it.

Build or deploy ?

Build, to do test before deploy it @bDurtaut.

works for me with tomcat:9.0.74-jre17-temurin-focal (on docker)

Hi @dtneo finally i can built it from sources with tomcat 9.0.64. and debug with Intelijj idea.


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Is this version the new one with reactJS on front end ?

No , i have the answer on last webminar . ReactJs end of year .

@bDurtaut the new one v7.0.0 .


i say for the version ,my question was on the front framework .

Oh. Thats a question for Axelor team. I’ve review and from my opinion is javascript no react because the name of function dont start with a capital letter.

Is AngularJS , not react yet . React on the last of this year …

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  1. Перейти к файлу package.json (open-suite-webapp\modules\axelor-open-suite\axelor-human-resource\src\main\axelor-react-timesheet) удалить фрагмент кода « CI=false »
  2. Перейти к файлу package.json (open-suite-webapp\modules\axelor-open-suite\axelor-project\src\main\task-editor) удалить фрагмент кода « CI=false GENERATE_SOURCEMAP=false »
  3. Запустить по команде: ./gradlew clean build
  4. Развернуть в Apachi Tomkat 9.0.75

Программы и версии:

  1. Java 11
  2. PostgreSQL 12 и выше
  3. Apachi Tomkat 9.0 и выше
  4. Node.js v18.16.0
  5. Yarn 1.22.19
  6. Gradle 7.5.1

Настройки PostgreSQL
db.default.url = jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/axelor-open-suite
db.default.user = axelor
db.default.password = postgres

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“DNS is working fine”

Can you confirm that both forward and reverse lookup are working for your vCenter FQDN?

Hi Team,

Just go to this path:

and open package.json file and find CI=false and remove this word only

and also this path:
go to package.json file remove CI=false GENERATE_SOURCEMAP=false remove that words

Please try this it’s working

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