Issue Ventilating Supplier Invoice

Having an issue where I cannot ventilate (new term to me) an invoice before making it able to be payable. Specifically I am receiving an error regarding a sequence for supplier invoices. I’ve gone through and created every specific type of sequence just to see what I’m missing and have had no luck.

Normally at this point, I would rely on the help / tooltips to see what fields are being compared and then act appropriately, however this is during the save action and I cannot see a help bubble. I’ve also seen issues with the date complaining of being in the future for the origin date, and the only way I was able to get past that was to back-date the invoice 1 year (but I can figure that out after I can actually finish the process).

Here’s a screenshot:

I found the messages_en.csv file that has said message, but am unsure of where it is referenced in code to check it out.




You have to define the AOS sequence to use for the supplier invoice. The sequence allow to have a unic identifiant for the supplier invoice (in opposite with the « supplier invoice number » provided per the supplier.


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Thank you so much. I would have never found that otherwise.

Learning as I go (I have more expertise on the BoM / Manufacturing side) but got elected to head up this project.

I really appreciate the help!