Issue with Birt .rptlibrary file / Problème avec le .rptlibrary fichier de Birt

I’m curently trying to create birt report and it’s a succes.
However, i’m going to create multiple report that have multiple common point so i want to link an .rptlibrary file to my report.
I have created a library and placed it in ressources/reports/lib of my module.
In the display of report design in Eclipse it appearing fine but when i try to generate said report it obviously don’t “find” my library. I have no error what so ever. I just see that my masterpage (which are in my .rptlibrary) don’t show up.
I’m using
` ReportGenerator reportGen = Beans.get(ReportGenerator.class);

Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>();

… a lot of params.put() …

File f = reportGen.generate(“SaleOrderReport.rptdesign”, type, params);`
(“type” come from method parameter)
What am i doing wrong??