Issue with converting Quotation to Order (analytic distribution)

Hello to everyone!
Please, help me with the problem.
I created an analytic distribution template and added it to the product1. After that, I create a Quotation (Purchase or Sale doesn’t matter), add the same product to order line, try to convert Quotation into an Order, but I get an error: There is no analytic distribution on [product1] purchase/sale order line.

At the same time, in the demo version, I can not to add analytical distribution to product or Quotation purchase/sale order line and its normally converted into an order.

Has anyone experienced something similar? I suspect that I messed up something with the settings, but I just can’t find what’s wrong

You can try the following actions:
In the menu
Apps Config > Apps management
Click on Configure

Double click on the company concerned (here Axelor)

Uncheck Analytic distribution on sale order line

Hope this helps you

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I just found this item, just a few minutes ago! But anyway, thanks a lot, it really works! You are a great!

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