Java Code Hotswap

Hi Axelors,

I have successfully added the HotSwap for view code, however I am unable to successfully ‹ hotswap › Java code. Is there any way I can write Java code and test it while the project is being ran?

Has anybody found a way to be able to develop/write Java code while the local server/tomcat is running? Having to write Java code and then build the project before being able to test eats up too much time.

Thanks for any help in advance.

you are on Linux?
we can hot swap but new function are not supported or even any new injection in existing function

we use TDD so it somehow help but restart take time depending on machine

have not experienced the debugging with tomcat

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I did debugging with local server tomcat. Debugging Java code
I use IntelliJ Idea

Mac OS.

Thanks for getting back with the information. Maybe it is something the Axelor team will include.

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for getting back. Are you able to edit/update Java code without having to recompile/build the project and have its effects take place?

If so, could you please explain how you were able to do so. Thank you!

Hi Daryl
Unfortunately no edit/update code without recompile/build the war.
I was able to debug and change variables value.

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Ah right no worries. Maybe we will get a solution to this from the Axelor team.

Thanks Fabio.

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