Java error: "No signature of method: java.lang.String.isApp()"

I successfully installed Axelor 7.0.4 via WAR installation (inside a Docker container : Linux Alpine with Postgresql12, OpenJDK11, Tomcat 9.0.65).
Right after login into the admin account, I get this error :

No signature of method: java.lang.String.isApp() is applicable for argument types: (String) values: [base] Possible solutions: size(), is(java.lang.Object), isEmpty(), strip(), isLong(), grep()

Do you have any idea on the cause of this error?


Are you still facing the issue? Could you please provide more specific details about the error you are experiencing?

Thank you, and I look forward to assisting you further.

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Yes, I’m still facing this error.

As for « specific details », I’m afraid the only ones I can provide are this is a copy/paste from a window pop up.


The error you are encountering may be due to a condition that checks whether the app is installed or not. This issue could arise if the app records in the app table (specifically, « Studio_app ») are not created during the server’s initial start.

Additionally, if there are no error logs and the app records are being created correctly, the problem might be related to the use of a database associated with a previous version that was not properly migrated. It’s important to note that the way AOS handles app management has undergone significant changes in version v7.0 and above.

To troubleshoot this error, kindly check for the aforementioned causes, and ensure that the app records are created during the server start. If the issue persists, consider verifying the database migration process to ensure a smooth transition.

Should you have any other queries or require further assistance, feel free to reach out.

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