Job / Batch explanation


About Job:
if I correctly understand, to be able to schedule a custom process ( a class that implements a Quartz Job interface) I need to set the “job” value of the MetaScheduler with the full name of my class. It seams that to be able to take this job in considération I need to restart tomcat or to restart the scheduler.

To avoid any job interruption maybe in a next release you could add a reload() method that could be called when a shedule is updated/created/removed (eg: using an action/controller). Maybe it’s already the case but I didn’t find how to do it.

About Batch:
Is there anyone that can really explain how batches are working and what they means (vs Schedule) ?

Thanks in advance

If I correctly understand:

  • job: a task (typilcally a class that implements org.quartz.Job) which is executed automatically using the cron syntax
  • batch: a task (typilcally a class that implements com.axelor.apps.base.job.ThreadedJob) that is threaded and executed manually (not scheduled)

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