JPA Custom converter

Hi Axelor Team,

Nowaday it’s not possible to assign a dedicated JPA converter to a field (or maybe it’s already possible but I don’t know how). Could you think that adding a “converter” attribute to a field could be interesting ?

Like : <field name="myfield" converter="org.acme.jpa.MyCustomConverter" />

The only one impact is on the Property.groovy:

	private Annotation $converter() {
		if (!encrypted) return null
		// manage custom converter
		def customConverter = attrs['converter']
		if(customConverter != null)
			// check if specified converter class exists
			try { Class.forName("${customConverter}.class") } catch(Exception) { return null; }
			// if yes assign it as the converter
			return annon("javax.persistence.Convert").add("converter", "${customConverter}.class", false) 
		// manage common converter
		def converter = type == 'binary'
			? importName("com.axelor.db.converters.EncryptedBytesConverter")
			: importName("com.axelor.db.converters.EncryptedStringConverter")
		return annon("javax.persistence.Convert").add("converter", "${converter}.class", false)


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how relevant information we can see on axelor forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I meant to help so I was trying to reply @sternlee

no worries, i wish if we see subject before posting such things

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