JPQL / Domain Filtering a M2M

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I want to only be able to see ‹ h-grid-manager / h-form-manager › if the current user is contained in the ‹ areaManager › m2m relation within the ‹ House › domain. I need to be able to display only the records where the current user is contained within the m2m ‹ areaManager ›.

What I am trying:

  <action-view name="property.manager.add" model="com.axelor.example.db.Example">
       <view name="h-grid-manager" type="grid"/>
       <view name="h-form-manager" type="form"/>
       <domain>:__user__ MEMBER OF</domain>

In the above the model ‹ Example › contains a m2o field named ‹ house ›. The ‹ House › model contains:

<many-to-many name="areaManager" ref="com.axelor.auth.db.User"/>

Thanks in advance, if I manage to find a solution I will post.


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