Kanban and Task Status

Hello everyone!

A rather simple question but I’m too stupid to find the solution: where can I add a new column in the Kanban view of tasks? Currently there are four columns:

  • New
  • In Progress
  • Closed
  • Cancelled

I want to add new phases and columns, like

  • In review
  • Feedback needed

which is common in project management. These columns are individual per project.


these are distinct status values it will be defined in domain

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Hi, did you find a way to add new statuses to Tasks?

Hi @marty

In the new versions, it is configurable.
Via the menu Projects > Configuration > Task status

You can add a status : for example In Wait in second position.
Warning : change the sequence order of the following statuses, save and refresh the Task status page for it to be correct.

Thank you - this is great! I can’t say enough how much I love Axelor - you guys did the most fantastic job.

So here is my Status list:

Can you explain why the Kanban is this … , i.e. ordering is not according to the Sequence, some statuses shown multiple times, others not shown at all (Accepted and Canceled)?

And how do I fix this?

When I simulate your case, it is correct.
I am on AOS version v.6.2.0

I don’t know why it doesn’t work in your case.
Try to save each of the 8 statuses, in forms mode.
Then refresh this view well.
You quit if any views remain open and open them again.

I am also on 6.2.0.

  1. How do I enter forms mode?
  2. How do I refresh the view well?

Additional question: what is the way to reset Task statuses to the original state? Would uninstalling and reinstalling the module help?

I am also on version 6.2.0. Please clarify your suggestions, in particular:

  1. How do I enter « forms mode »?
  2. How do I refresh « the view well »?
  3. Is there a way to reset Task statuses to the original state? Would uninstalling and reinstalling the module help?

I seem to be stuck with crazy Kanban that does not correspond to the statuses I have

Thank you.

2. How do I refresh « the view well »

under firefox

Also Fn F5 function

1. How do I enter « forms mode »?

I have done all this multiple times. Does not make any diference.

Please let me know if there is a way to reset the Task statuses to the original state? thank you

I don’t know without trying
There are several more or less radical solutions

  • either you delete the statutes created

If for certain statuses it is not possible to delete them, it is probably that elements refer to them in a Set (many-to-many), as below in the configuration of the applications (projects);

You can delete the default values, to force the deletion of the statuses; Then recreate the statutes if necessary

  • either you reinstall the application
  • Others to investigate

At your risk
Good luck