List of setup tables

Does any documentation exist, or does anyone have a list of all the setup tables that are required to be filled before you can commence entering the various transactions? I’ll fill out some tables and then attempt to enter a transaction just to encounter another error message referring to a different table that needs to be set up.


Apart from analyzing the data model, the following empirical methods are possible among others:

  • Either, simply analyze the headers and content of the demonstration .csv files found in the directory

  • Either on a test database, for each module, first export your database before importing the demonstration data by Apps Management, then export your database, after import of demonstration data by Apps Management, for the module concerned. The differences between the two exports of your database will make it possible to analyze, at a minimum, the data to be valued for this module.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Thanks for that PakMax. I’ve passed your comments along to my technical lead who agrees there is merit in pursuing your suggestions. So yes, we found you respondse helpful! Thanks