Long gradle running time Issue

The running time of gradle is around 30 minutes ,can any buddy have idea about this issue.

  • recently clone the axelor-open-suite 6.0.0.

Which command are you running ?

gradlew clean generateCode run

I suggest you to don’t do clean, if think it cause your problem. And I’m pretty sure that “run” contains “generateCode” command.
Personnally, I use “gradlew build” which works fine, and take less than 2 minutes with all modules and less than 30 seconds with only needed modules.

ok, let me try gradlew build

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@Elikill58 still takes time in running .

I have run this commands.
gradlew build
gradlew run

That’s logic. You start the server. It is waiting for website action. So it will run every time. Just check the time of build command. Run re-build and start the webserver.

Build command takes 1 and half minute to complete .Can please explain Run re-build and start the webserver.

So it’s fine ?

The command “gradlew run” want to start the webserver. Before start it, it will create all source (and so, do like “gradlew war” and get source from it). After build it, it will start the webserver and wait for user connection. So, you can wait 2 years, it will always be running.

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Build command is working fine . The main problem is gradlew run it takes time.

Me it takes “only” 13 minutes.
Why use run and not tomcat server ?
Me, i’m building modules with “build” command, stop tomcat, copy/paste the new module version, start the server and it’s fine (everything done in 3 minutes).

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@Elikill58, most of time I need to debug code, therefore I can’t use the tomcat server.

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