Mac Os installation erreur postgre


When I want to install the app, I have this error but postgre is installed :

no data was returned by command ""/private/var/folders/mw/sk4w0wns4qbcnpdydtgpq1l80000gn/T/AppTranslocation/32E65492-CDF9-4501-83E3-75A2E391F311/d/Axelor" -V"

The program « postgres » is needed by initdb but was not found in the
same directory as « /private/var/folders/mw/sk4w0wns4qbcnpdydtgpq1l80000gn/T/AppTranslocation/32E65492-CDF9-4501-83E3-75A2E391F311/d/Axelor ».
Check your installation.

Do you have an idea to solve it ?

Thank you

MacOs: Ventura 13.3.1 (a)