Make a tab invisible


I would like to make invisible a tab already present in the project module. So I created an extension of the module, and put the extends tag with a target="/" and hidden=« true » but not work.

 <extend target="/">
        <panel title="Wiki" name="wikiPanel" hidden="true">
          <panel-related name="wikiListPanel" field="wikiList" colSpan="12"
            form-view="wiki-form" grid-view="wiki-grid-incl-project" />

          <panel title="Configurations" name="configurationsPanel" hidden="true">
		        <field if="'employee')" if-module="axelor-human-resource"
		          name="productSet" colSpan="12" widget="TagSelect" canEdit="false"
		          domain="self.isActivity = true AND self.dtype = 'Product'"
		          form-view="product-activity-form" grid-view="product-activity-grid"/>
		        <field name="projectTaskCategorySet" colSpan="12" widget="TagSelect"/>
		        <field name="projectFolderSet" colSpan="12" widget="TagSelect"/>
		        <field name="excludeTimesheetEditor" if-module="axelor-human-resource"/>
		        <field name="childProjectList" hidden="true"/>
		        <field name="sequence" hidden="true"/>
		        <field name="excludePlanning" if-module="axelor-business-project" showIf="isProject"/>
		        <field name="imputable" colSpan="4" widget="boolean-switch"
		          if="'employee')" if-module="axelor-human-resource"/>
		        <button onClick="" name="test" title="bouton test !"/>

Can anyone help me? Thank you

I think target="/" is wrong, you should use this to add the hidden attribute which do the same.

<extend target="//panel[@name='wikiPanel']">
<attribute name="hidden" value"true" />
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