Manage Employee on the base of Company!

Hello team,
I have a group of company in a single database where thousand of employee exist and are related to different companies.

  1. An Employee can be part of more than one company. ( full time in one company and part time in other).

  2. HR MANAGER is managing more than one company .

  3. I want a company base Login ( HR Manager have to select a company while login so he can manage that company in this session) .

For Example I assuming a user Zeeshan as HR Manager.
Zeeshan has 3 Internal Companies ( Company set in User ) is managing 3 companies can have Only 1 company as Active Company .
At the time of login for **Zeeshan ** , I want to select that active company out of its Internal Companies.

How can I perform this task ?

Hello @ZeeshanAhmad ,
Zeeshan user can select active company among internal companies by Preferences


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Thank you for the response.
But I want this process to work before loading the menus and other stuff.