Manufacturing Order Rename

I have been trying to figure out how to implement Axelor in our production activity. Due to the fact that there is no documentation I have to perform a trial and error way of figuring it out.
Please help me with the following information:

  1. Will any sort of documentation be released any time soon? Meanwhile is there any form of tutorial for a complete production cycle to be found anywhere?

  2. In my production flow I receive an order from a client, including multiple parts to be manufactured. Can I create a general Production Order with multiple manufacturing orders named after my specifications? If I have to create a part named 101-101 the manufacturing order cannot be renamed so far …

  3. If I define a Manufacturing process with a series of operations and then create a manufacturing order, when I try to PLAN the MO I get the error « Type de mouvement de stock non déterminé » but I can still run the operations individually until I finish the last one and the MO’s status turns into FINISHED. This way I cannot filter the MO’s to check which MO’s are in progress during the machinning …

Please note that your ERP suits most of our needs and we would like to implement and use it in production but there is no way of learning it so far. Is there any way of using it since we like it so far?

We are working on the next version of the software with new features, it should be release in May, with a true documentation this time. We are aware that it’s missing for the moment so the goal for the next version it’s to have a documentation and some tutorials for the main process like manufacturing or invoicing…

About your second question, you can create a production order (menu Manufacturing/Production orders). You have to give it a name and then you can add several manufacturing orders. Like that you will have a general production order with multiple manufacturing orders.
For the third question, you probably have this message because you should first configure a stock location for production.

For this you have to go in the module Stock management / configuration / stock locations. Then click on + to add a new one, choose a name, production or manufacturing for example, and for type you should choose « Virtual », then save it. Production stock should always be virtual.

You can see this in the demo, it is the stock location « Production ». The principle behind that is that to start production, there is a first stock move, for example your raw materials, from your main warehouse (internal or external type) , to the virtual location production. When your production is done, there is a new stock move with the finished product to the main warehouse.