Many-to-many relationship fields


is it possible, using ADK, to add a field that is specific to a many-to-many relationship ?

For example, lets say I have a Contract and multiple contractors (partners). I’d like to have many-to-many relationship between Contract and Partner, and to be able to flag a particular relation with a type (for example, “Main contractor”, “Subcontractor”, etc…)

Is this possible ?

Ok, replying to myself : I managed to do this by creating an explicit relationship table, and using o2m et m2o fields types.

contract – o2m --> relationship <-- m2o – partner

in relationship, I can manage the information I want (type of contractor, date, etc…).

My remaining problem is : how can I display more than the partner’s namecolumn in my contract form ??

yes, you need to create a new object for that purpose.

You can display partner fields in your contract form using dotted field :

<field name="">
<field name="">

where foo and bar are fields of Partner.

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what if I have another domain named Project now in project I will select Partner and based on the selection partner’s field it’s contracts will be listed how can I achieve it?