Many to many


I have a many to many field, except I put that in the view :

 <field name="sites" colSpan="12" widget="TagSelect" canNew="false"
        form-view="site-form" grid-view="site-grid" required="true">

model :

 <many-to-many ref="" name="sites"

and I have my multiSelection field that works except that I only have the ID that is displayed in the select field.

I would like to know the name of the site.
Or being able to control the fields of my site table that I want to see in my drop-down menu. How it works ?


do you have added namecolumn=true which field you want to show

I don’t see, where should I put it?

@siddique where do you put what you wrote to me? is it in the field of the model? If not, do you have an example please.

@siddique t’s good I found by looking thank you.

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