manyToOne problem

I want to make a link between a customer order line and a supplier order line. On a boolean field (directOrderLocation) of the table:

which will be synchronized with the boolean field (directOrderLocation) of the supplier order line.


I tried this code :
Domain side in PurchaseOrderLine.xml :

 <many-to-one ref="" name="directOrderLocation"
      title="contremarque" initParam="true"/>

View side in PurchaseOrderLine.xml :

<field name="directOrderLocation" x-type="many-to-one"
          x-target="" x-target-name="directOrderLocation"/>

but it doesn’t show anything. An idea ?

Did you try without x-type="many-to-one" x-target="" x-target-name="directOrderLocation" ?
What test did you try past ?

Hello PHPierre:
The problem was finally solved, without having to go through a many to one, thanks for your quick response anyway.

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