Mass import with supplier code

I have to mass import supplier invoices from another system.
In the invoice line I have supplier product code and NOT axelor product code.
How can I import data?


The two fields « product_code » and « product_name » of the purchase_purchase_order_line table can store the « supplier’s product references ».
Another « product » field is the foreign key of the « Axelor products table ».
So if you don’t want to manage your suppliers’ products in the Axelor products table, you can systematically use a « Miscellaneous - Other » product that you would have created in the Axelor products table.
Otherwise, you generate the Axelor product table, with the products of your suppliers and you link your foreign « product » keys with the ids of your « Axelor product table ».
I don’t know what to do with Axelor imports. Personally, I am more comfortable with SQL, to solve these cases of data migration.

Hello , you have to import product with an internal code ( import_id) , and import your supplier invoices with this importID reference .