Mdificaton du formulaire

hello world
i’m a newcomer in this forum. i’ve many questions but the most important for this moment is to know please : " how to do for add a field in the contact form crm step by step or to modified the name in the form" thank you for your help


If you want to edit the form you have to install the Axelor. Here are the installation guide docs: Quick Tutorial :: Axelor Documentation

or you can check the below video links for installation

[FR - WINDOWS] Installation guide from sources • Axelor

[FR - UBUNTU] Installation guide from sources • Axelor

[EN - UBUNTU] Deployment guide war • Axelor

[FR - WINDOWS] Environment installation guide • Axelor

[FR - UBUNTU] Environment configuration guide • Axelor

After following all the steps go to that specific form view you want to edit then check this Docs link to edit it.