Meaning of fields

Hi, guys
Can you explain me, what these fields (from Product card) are meaning:

  • importId
  • importOrigin
  • stockManaged
  • TrackingNbrConfigur
    Can you give me some cases to use these fields?

TrackingNumberConfigur : Enables to select a configuration for management of product tracking number. Tracking numbers can be generated after purchase, production or sale, manually or automatically (from configurable sequences), and for a chosen quantity of product (when managing per batch).

StockManaged : as its name suggests, stock managed is a boolean when activated means Managed in stock?

importOrigin : free area that allows you to enter the origin of the imported data

Importid : According to @bDurtaud Importid allows during imports to prevent duplicates in axelor and allows updates.
The id in the axelor table is auto incremented, it must never be present in the data that is imported. importId allows to have integrity at the source data level (importId can be generated from the id of the source data table that must be imported.

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