Menu Item appearing where it shouldn't?

Hey there, I have a menu item « menu-team-tasks-all » that appears for the user when it is not specified in any roles or groups.

I’m using a user with the imported roles « Base User » and « Timesheet User » for the screenshot above

How can I prevent it from appearing?

Or does having a parent of another menu automatically add it for the user if that menu is included?

I removed the parent « Tasks » and it successfully removed « All Tasks » from the user menu.

This behavior confuses me.

« My Tasks » is explicitly included in the menus for the role « Base User »

If a menu gets added to the user menu if it is a child of another menu that is added to the role, how then should be the best practice of adding menus?

@kurikaktus I think you have to select Admin in Roles otherwise it will show to all users. If you don’t need it as admin you can select hidden menu.

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Didn’t understand it at first but got to try it. Hmm didn’t know menu items work like that. I guess as long as there are no roles assigned to it, if its a child of another menu item, it automatically shows. I assumed menu items only show if assigned to a role.

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