Messenger: mails, chat ...not working ...what's missing?

I have configured all the mail accounts and the test connexion was OK.
First, I cannot select SSL/TLS and SSL alone seems to no work…
Do you have the same experience ?

If I use NONE and connexion test valid, I can write a mail or chat message and send it to a user…The message is saved then with a status SENT
But, if I log in with the destination user, I cannot see any message in the inbox and the mails never arrive to the real destination mailbox.

I don’t know if I missed something or if it’s a bug, but I have opened 2 tickets on github.
Also, I would like to say that once the account is created, there is currently no way to change the data…
If you have any idea about what I could check to make it run…


Nobody using emails / chat ? Am I the only one who have problems ?

Using SMTP optioin I can send a mail… but not in private mode…
using POP I can read some mails, but not in private mode…
and only some of the mails are read
IMAP option …seems not working

This is a very strange feature…so we need to configure 2 entries for 1 user ? And none working with SSL…Also, the internal messenger seems not to work…we have always 0/0 in the menu…

What error are you getting when you use SSL ?.
It is tested with gmail’s smpt, imap and pop with SSL and its working fine.
The configuration is required per type of the server (SMPT,POP or IMAP). Because each has different values for host and port.Yes, user credentials may be common among them but that’s not supported for the moment. You can read only unread messages with POP or IMAP.

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