Model extension not working

I’m trying to inherit the ticket model from the helpdesk module and add a new ticketCategory field, which is similar to the ticketType field, my module is called axelor-divers & here is my model definition:

<domain-models xmlns="" 
  <module name="helpdesk" package="com.axelor.apps.helpdesk.db"/>

  <entity name="Ticket_inherited" extends="Ticket">
    <string name="test" title="Test"/>
  	<many-to-one name="ticketCategory" ref="com.axelor.apps.helpdesk.db.TicketCategory" title="Ticket Category"/>

The ticketCategory definition is as follow:

<domain-models xmlns=""

  <module name="helpdesk" package="com.axelor.apps.helpdesk.db"/>

  <entity name="TicketCategory">

        <string name="name" required="true"/>


The problem is that once I inherit the form view & add the « ticketCategory » field, It appears to be unrecognized by the system:

Yet in the database I can see that the field is present:

PS: I created the simple string field to see if I messed something with the relation, but I got the same problem, so I figured that someone is wrong with the way I implemented the inheritance.

PS2: As I mentioned, the module name is axelor-divers, but in the package definition in the model, I put helpdesk because divers does not seem to add the field in the database, or may-be this is just another mistake from my part?
If someone could clarify what the module should be set to in case of inheritance, that would be very helpful.

Thank you

@sos-axelor can-you help me with this one please? It’s really holding me off

i use it totally different way, it is not new model, but i just extend the same model, if you need that i can share more details on that

Yes please, that would be very helpful, thank you.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<string name="riskCategory" selection="eaudit.risk.category" />
<string name="questionType" selection="eaudit.question.type" />
<integer name="reply" />

team task is parent

uploading image as the code formatting not picked the proper code

Following your approach, I believe this what my model shoud consists of:

Yet, this is not adding the two fields « test » and « ticketCategory » to the database or the model definition within the app.

This file is created within a new module called « divers », but the package is defined as « com.axelor.apps.helpdesk.db » (shown in the screenshots).

Any ideas?

are you running generateCode or build after adding these ? might be you doing that, just confirming this part

I run generateLauncher, generateCode does not seem to build the module, but I check the result after the generateLauncher and the Java classes inside the jar are successfully created.

not sure why it is not working your side, but generateCode is what they recommend

Yes that was driving me crazy as well, but I just gave up and continued using the generateLauncher since It works perfectly