Modification on model and view not showing

I made modifications in the product’s model and view in xml. but after starting the app the modifications are not there. I even used the restore all button in the views list and also deleted and recreated database and still no luck.

share the gist, I feel you didn’t change name

this is the modification in the domain product.xml in the base module:

<module name="base" package="com.axelor.apps.base.db" />

<entity name="Product" lang="java">
	<string name="mrId" title="Merchant id"/>
	<string name="mrPId" title="Merchant product id"/>
	<string name="ean" title="Ean"/>
	<string name="pn" title="Part number"/>
	<string name="brand" title="Brand"/>
	<string name="model" title="Model"/>
	<decimal name="estimatedPvp" title="Estimated PvP" precision="8" scale="2" massUpdate="true" />
	<decimal name="pvPexc" title="pv pexc" precision="8" scale="2" massUpdate="true" />
	<time name="valUntil" title="Available until"/>
	<string name="entryType" title="Available until"/>
	<boolean name="approved" title="Approved ?"/>
	<time name="avalFrom" title="Available from"/>

and this is the modification in the product.xml view in the base module:

  			<panel name="productTypologyPanel" title="Product typology" colSpan="6" colWidths="30%,70%">
				<field name="mrId"/>
				<field name="mrPId"/>
				<field name="ean"/>
				<field name="pn"/>
				<field name="brand"/>
				<field name="model"/>
				<field name="estimatedPvp"/>
				<field name="pvPexc"/>
				<field name="valUntil"/>
				<field name="entryType"/>
				<field name="approved"/>
				<field name="avalFrom"/>

please never change in axelor files, create your own module and change or better use extension