Modificationdu code source

Bonjour , y 'a t il une possibilité de modifier le code source des modules de l ERP ( view , ajouter o supprimer des champs , des pages )?

Hello @saadia, first this is an english forum…and here is my personal answer…
I would not recommand to change any original source code in any erp…that could be a big issue if you try to update in the future, or if you make wrong code which could impact other modules or security.
In some ERP you can find exits, enhancements,hooks…where you can place custom code if necessary…
I asked almost the same question in the following post password enhancement ?
With what I read here, with Axelor, you can change or add new templates with BIRT, you can add custom fields, you can create new modules with BPM (models/views), you can change views…
I believe there is already some feature to do a lot of things !
But, as I did not test everything, and the documentation is not ready yet…maybe my answer is not complete.

well firstable thank you for your answer , so changing view wouldn’t make any problem , and how can I change views using BPM??