Modify action in Axelor-core


I would like to modify an action-view by adding a domain filter.

I don’t know how to modify this action directly in my code. Moreover axelor-core is called only during the build with maven.

Thank’s for help

A better approach is not to edit the core modules, views, action-views, create your own module, create your own action-view and use it where you need it. you can see any already created the module folder and still not clear come back without any hesitation.

Views saved once on first time install, it can be altered directly from the ui you are showing, but it bad approach, and it will go off if you reload all views from your files again. Option available on views tab.

Yes, I do.

I have my own module with an extension view (Dms.xml) and my action-view which is « dms-all ».

So now, how can I make this action-view replace the original « dms.all » action-view.

The view action is called in axelor-core but not in Dms.xml…

you have menu from where you are linking action view ? or want that it should be picked by the axelor

Yes, like this :

Unfortunately I don’t see it

you have to reload views from files, if the server already started, it only load menus on first time run. And later we have to either reload menu or delete all the meta of the module from axelor so it can be like new module.

I already restarted the server and reloaded the views. What do you mean by « reload menu » and how delete all the meta of the module ?

do you have duplicated name of view ? see error log you might getting error duplicate name without id, ?

restart is only required to first time register the module

reload menu is not what i said, i said reload views, there is option on views tab

yes, we can delete meta data of any module, but i prefer to delete only meta of our module, so i use all things in our module, these are database queries which we run before the application restart, if there are lot of changes in java side, otherwise just a reload of view is enough

I rename my menu to « test-dms-all », I can’ use the same name like existing in axelor-core(« menu-dms-all »). That’s why I think he can’t create…
So now I have two item in my menu, original and mine :

How i can delete the original ?

you should not delete the original one, create all of your menu top to bottom, it will give you more control and you can test axelor new features without disturbing the flow of your custom modules

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