Modify TAB title

There is a way (action, customization, etc etc etc)
To set a different title for the tab ?

I have a situation where if the user opens a lot of « Events » the application looks like this

I want to add some reference on the title …

I tried open the objects via java and setting the information in this way

			ActionView.define("Prj - "+prj.getFullName())
			.add("form", "project-form")
			.param("popup", "false")			
			.context("_showRecord", String.valueOf(prj.getId()))

But the title will be overrided when the object is open

The title of Axelor tabs is the name of your action-view.

I tried

.add(« title », « New title »)


.param(« title »,« New title »)

but no one works

Hy @Davide ,
You can use this syntax .

title="Bank payment config (${ name })"

I don’t think is a syntax problem.
When the new tab is opened i see my title.
When the object is loaded the title change again to the « Model Name »

or i set the name, maybe with javascript event on onLoad (maybe with an action-script)
or the « title » setted is alway replaced by the model

if there is another way to open an object without specifing the model, maybe it will work

I don’t think it’s a problem of name so.
If you refresh your page on the Sale order tab, you keep this only tab opened.
But if you try to refresh your page on one of the last Events tab, Axelor with open without tab opened.
Look like a biger issue than the icon and title.
Can you confirm the state of your Event tab like I described before ?

i open a new tab from a button, and set a title (like i said in the 2nd post)
the tab is opened with the title i set (auanagana)

when the object is loaded the title is overrided from the model name



You can see an example here where the view is called from a button :


I will try today, it’s look interresting. I never see this on the documentation.

Looks the same to doing this:

				.add("form", "project-form")
				.param("popup", "false")
				.param("popup-save", "true")
				.context("_showRecord", String.valueOf(saleOrder.getProjectso().get(0).getId()))

i tried

 <action-view name="action-method-sale-order-open-project" title="Project (${ name })" model="com.axelor.apps.project.db.Project">
      <view type="form" name="project-form" />
      <context name="_showRecord" expr="eval: projectso[0].id" />

but same result


once we load form it have no dynamic concept but action view can have dynamic name but will be lost after form is loaded :pensive:

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So it can’t be modified, even with javascript, with an onLoad event ?