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Hello, I’m facing a problem while modifying one entity.
I need to add two new fields to the Partner entity, so I’ve modified axelor-base/…/domain/Partner.xml and after regenerating the code, I see that now all my classes have been updated with those two new fields and even if I deploy the war file I see that two new columns have been added to this entity on DB.
Until here everything is working fine and as expected. The problem comes with the next step, I want those new fields to be shown on CRM/Customer, so I modified the axelor-base/…/view/Partner.xml too and added the two new fields as I did before with the domain.
I’ve tried regenerating the code, calling manually the npm run build from webapp folder… whatever has came to my mind, but there’s no way I can get those two new fields to be shown on the Partner form.
The only way I’ve been able to do it is by going to Administration->ViewManagement and adding them there. But that’s not the way I want to do it, since I want to deploy the war file in different environments and don’t want to go 1 by 1 modifying the configuration. If i’m not wrong the modification of the XML is just what I need… but am I missing something to make it able to show those new fields?
I’ve tried with clean installs, removing from tomcat the ROOT.war and ROOT folder before adding the new one, to avoid some kind of caché… I’ve tried opening a new private session on the browser, but there’s no way.
I’m quite sure I’m missing a small detail, but it’s been some hours trying it with no luck.
Thank you in advance


For the XML views to be loaded into the database, you must refresh the views.
Warning : all updates made directly by form will be lost.


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Holy ***. I clicked the button on the left (refresh) many times, but didn’t notice the restore one.
Thank you, that did the trick. Would give you 10 likes if possible, you’ll have to settle for 1

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