Module App without autoinstall

Hello, I have followed the technical documentation, and starting from axelor / open-suite-webapp, it started correctly. Then I have created a project and a new module. But when running, it is already installed. I can’t find what is the mechanism for the new module to appear in the application manager? I hope you can help me. Thank you so much.

Hi, you can add app through data-init (check the directory on existing axelor-business-suite modules).

Hi, I added app through data-init, and the new module to appear in the application manager. But the menu is pupulated qithoun install de app. How stop auto create on menu or other parts.

Hi add condition like if=“‘invoice’)” on menu. With this condition it will display menu only when invoice app is installed. Here ‘invoice’ is the code of of app.

Great, It’s works.