Multiple actions on one onchange

Can we apply several actions on an onchange? if so how please? I tried with an action-group but it does not work.

 <field name="Vendu " title="vendu" readonly="true"

  <action-group name="actionCalculGroupe">
    <action name="action-sale-ordered-task-method-calculMontant"/>
    <action name="action-sale-ordered-task-method-calculRestant"/>

Another option is to not use the group, but directly activate the actions on the onChange event, as in the following example:

<field name="Vendu " title="vendu" readonly="true" onChange="action-sale-ordered-task-method-calculMontant,action-sale-ordered-task-method-calculRestant"/>

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Yes we can call severals actions using an action-group or not. However, your field is in readonly mode with onChange event. The onChange events are not triggered in cascade. So, if you field is updated from a previous action, you have to call the action-group on the previous event.

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