Multiple axelor instances one database for high availability

We are trying to deploy Axelor ERP in production and our current method of deployment is Docker image in Kubernetes cluster and there is the question: is it possible to deploy multiple instances of Axelor ERP on different servers using one database? That way if one of our servers dies the Axelor is still working fine. I’m asking because I saw Axelor was highly dependent on multiple things in database and I’m not sure if two instances would, for example, collide with each other and break something
Thanx for any help!

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Yes, it’s possible, you can use a single Database for multiple instances of Axelor Erp.


If you have the Quartz scheduler enabled on all instances does it know only to run scheduled items once, or would each instance try and run scheduled items?


In a multi-instance AOS environment, enabling Quartz Scheduler on all instances will cause the scheduled items to be executed on each instance.

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Ok, thanks. So make sure to have it only running on one instance. That does mean if that instance is down then the scheduler stops. Would be nice if there was a negotiation between instances as to who runs it, like some other apps do for services.