Multiple instances with Tomcat/Apache

Hello. Does anyone have experience of setting up multiple Axelor instances using Apache as a proxy for redirecting requests to Tomcat. We seems to have got the Apache redirection working, and by having multiple Host tags in the Tomcat server.xml, it gets redirect to the required host, but although we can get the first instance working, and get a login screen for the second host, when we fill in the login screen for the second host, the browser address jumps to the address for the first host.

I am hoping that someone knows how to set this up correctly and can give an example of the relevant bits of httpd.conf and server.xml. Thanks in advance.

OK - have found the solution - one that seems to work for us, anyway:
Use Apache to redirect different URL’s to different ports, and then have corresponding connectors on server.xml which have matching proxy names. Has the bonus that if you use certbot to install SSL certificates, it magically makes all the required changes to the Apache configuration.

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why different ports ??