Navigate trough the data model

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to show a field, in read-only, connected
trough multiple model.


Partner → Customer → Address

The form already shown the customer name into the partner form, i need to show the primary address of that customer into a readonly field

Is it possible? I tried to use the domain into the field but nothing


Certainly, you can achieve that using views. Let’s consider a scenario where there is a « partner » domain with a many-to-one field called « user ». In the user domain, there is a many-to-one field called « activeCompany ».

To display the active company code in a readonly field on the partner form, you can add the following field in partner-form:

<field name="user.activeCompany.code" readonly="true" title="Active Company Code"/>

This field will retrieve the active company code from the associated user and display it in a readonly field on the partner form.

By following this approach, you can fulfill the requirement,

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to ask.

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