Newly created model not appearing in Axelor Studio's drop-down

Hello Axelor community,

I’m facing an issue with Axelor ERP where a newly created model/entity using XML configuration is not appearing in the drop-down menu within Axelor Studio. Upon application restart, the corresponding table is successfully created in the database. However, I noticed that the models listed in the drop-down menu are those registered in the meta_model table, and unfortunately, the new model is not registered there.

Additionally, when trying to address this issue through the models configuration in the user interface, I found that it is not possible to create or edit models from there.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this problem and ensure that the newly created model is visible in the drop-down menu in Axelor Studio.

I’m using Axelor ADK 5, open suite 6.5.1, java 8 and PostgreSQL 12

Thank you in advance for your help!


If you are still in the testing phase, a radical solution consists in recreating a new database, changing its name in When the application restarts, all the data structures will be created and the « meta » tables will be correctly valued in this new database.
I proceeded in this radical way, the day when this same problem happened to me and when I did not understand the cause.

Hope this can help you.