No delivery stock move to generate for this sale order

I keep getting the message “No delivery stock move to generate for this sale order” when clicking generate customer deliveries. There is already existing stock for the products in the sale order. Kindly guide on what i should do to proceed.
Thank you


Probably the same problem I had here :

What version of Axelor do you have?

For a quick “solution”:
delete the products from the invoice, and add them again with as many times as there are different LOTs/no. series (respect the quantities per batch)
If it is impossible for you, update your Axelor version there are new parameters.

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I am using Axelor-docker. I think its still at version 5.0. I have tried the quick solution however, it was not successful.
Should i switch to Axelor Open Platform or its a problem across all platforms?

you got it done?