No found result when entring cmpany or location in Axelor

I’m using Axelor for the first time (local host free version) , and I’m trying to put etreprise data in it . While using the Stock Management Module , I was trying to fill the location, name of company etc (see attached picture ). However, I get an error message saying that " No result found". I came here after spending hours looking for an answer in Axelor documentation, and videos in Youtube. Unfortunately, I still can’t find any answer. I appretiate your help. Thank you!

Welcome here !

Starting the configuration in Axelor is very difficult and there are many options to complete before.
Don’t worry we are here to help
But keep motivation, you will need it :smiley:

First step:
I think your company is not complete. Your company had to be customer and supplier.
Did you do that ?

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Hello, thank you so much for your answer.

Indeed, the configuration is a bit hard and tricky. Fortunately, I’m still motivated :grin:

You are right, I put the company on the companies list, which seems to solve the problem.

I have another question, please. Is it possible to upload files in AXELOR to enter data about shippements, sales etc? I have about 1000 lines of shipments and serial numbers, and It’s impossible to manually enter them one by one. I appreciate your help.

Hello, of course it s possible axelor have an import process . See the demo files to have thé column and process descriptions

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Thank you for your answer. Could you please provide me with more details regarding the demo files? I’m really a beginner with the software, so I don’t really know when I can find them.

For demo files, you will need to download the git version from

After unzip, go to the modules you want and follow the path which is like src > main > resources > demo

Study the file close to your need

  1. Create a config.xml file
  2. Create your database from the demo.


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