No groups created for LDAP configuration

Hi all,

I have set up an LDAP configuration with = groupOfUniqueNames .
Unfortunately, no groups are created, when I create one in Axelor application.
And when I login with a normai user account, I have an error with nothing visible.
Any help will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance,

To be honest, never test it before.
Just check that the user is able to create object inside your LDAP. By default users can read but not write.

LDAP interactivity is done when a user is connecting. Thus:

  1. create a group inside Axelor
  2. assign this group to the user
  3. connect with this user

According the line 213 of AuthLdap in ADK/Axelor-Core it should create the group inside the LDAP is the ldap user has enough privilege.

You also need to check your LDAP log because like explained in another topic there is a mistake with the group filter. Still in axelor-core/AuthLdap line 258 the “admin” user is automatically added to the new group but specified as uid only and not as a full DN (like required by the LDAP RF). So maybe your LDAP refuse to create the group due to this stuff.