Not sending mails

Hello everyone
I try to send email from axelor, but they all staying in status « In progress ».
Activate sending mails (in Base settings) - done
Email accounts - done
Test connection - successful.

Does anyone know what is the problem?

Check in the Tracebacks, did you get any error?

I’m also facing this issue mail not send it’s displaying same issue « in Progress » how to solve

My problem was solved by company, that serves me in the IT field. They were deploying the Axelor on the server and the mail server is their job. The problem was not in Axelor

Please explain how to solve

I don’t know, I’m not a technical specialist. I know only that the Axelor doesn’t support TLS mailing, only SSL.

I’m also using SSL Email ID test connection is success but mail does’n send it’s displaying only « in Progress »

The same problem was in my case. That problem is on your mail server side. So connect with you system administrator/it company or who is support you in this moments

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