Open suit has release 8.0.3 ,but the dependency Axelor Open Platform 7.0.4 was not update in GitHub

The release of axelor-open-suite now is 8.0.3,It’s core dependency: Axelor Open Platform is 7.0.4. but the Axelor Open Platform repository on Github was NOT updated since last release at Sep 29, 2023.

Do we have plan on update AOP repository ?


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open-suite-webapp % git log --pretty=oneline
76ebdf34f28afc36d8bf5e0d21bd23cf45b49df5 (HEAD, tag: v8.0.3, origin/master, origin/dev, origin/HEAD, master) Release 8.0.3
34c9036ad24e0965e9c6d80171d0ca73ba6a2791 Update to AOP 7.0.4

from a clone done yesterday.