Override Axelor Core Code

Hi there,

I am able to successfully override code within the ‹ axelor-web › external library by adding code following the same structure as the ‹ axelor-web › external library into the ‹ src/main/webapp/ › directory on my local. For example, this is done to edit the login.jsp page.

How is it possible to override code from the ‹ axelor-core › external library? Is it possible to do it in a similar to way above? I am unsure where to add the editing/updates files that need to override the core in my local.

Thanks for any help.

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you want to have own copy of login.jsp??

No I was just using that as an example. I am currently able to override/how my own copy of the login.jsp successfully.

For example, if I wanted to add a new attribute to the ‹ KanBanView › I would have to override/add code to the file ‹ object-views.xsd › which is located in the ‹ axelor-core › external library.

How is it possible to override this file?

one short idea is to host own sonatype server or use jfrog and host there open platform

I can look into doing that but I was hoping for a simpler solution - something similar to the way the login.jsp file can be override.

If I find a solution I will post here.

Thanks Siddique.

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I have tried it but it’s too many things so short path is what I wrote earlier

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Hmm were you able to do it successfully?

no I quit as it was taking time

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No problem - thanks for trying, if I find a solution I will post.

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I quit as well as taking a lot of time, only just add a new colour for hilight element
So I decided to override the js file

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