Override tree view


Can we overload a Tree View? If yes, how ? please ?

Do you have an example? Thanks.

I am looking to override the one present in the projectTask module. For information

more simply I just want to change the display fields in the columns. By just overloading.

I saw that I had to change only that :

  <!-- define tree columns -->
  <column name="title" type="string" /> 
  <column name="progress" type="integer" />

But I don’t know how to overload with the usual techniques:

<extend target="//field[@name='team']">

An idea ?

Hello Linuxian,
Yes, we can override tree view but not with extension.
For override it you have to copy whole code and make changes in it and give different id to it.
Extension only works with grid and form view.

Hi axes hm,

Thanks for your answers.

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