Pagination Error

Does anyone know How I can fix that error in the pagination?
that happen when I’m changing from one page to another in a grid view


This is the first view before to change to the next page.error pag 1

I have the same problem and i don’t know where it comes from :confused:


Can you share what version of Axelor Open Platform do you use ? And steps to reproduce ? Does it on a specific entity with a domain or this is the case on all grid views ?
I’m unable to reproduce such behavior.



Axelor Info

The steps to reproduce this error is when I change from the first page (1 to 36 of 49) to the second page (41 to 57 of 51). For some reason is just happening in one grid view the another one are working normally
I was checking actions and attribute in that grid view but there is not anything related with the behaviour of the pagination.

Thanks for your help @p.belloy

@Elikill58 maybe also you can share the steps that you are following to reproduce the same error. I think would be helpful :grin:


I just try to repoduce, and for me it appear when there is search filter or domain filter.
The problem is I failed to reproduce it, so I cannot approve what I say, just tell what I remember of wrong pagination number.

If this happens only on this grid view, it should means that there is a specific context/domain applied causing the issue.
Can you check on browser dev tool and check for a search request when you clic on pager button (pager ) and post the Request Payload ?
Moreover it should log on Tomcat the associate query. Something like this :

com.axelor.rpc.Resource : Searching 'com.axelor.apps.invoice.db.Invoice'
com.axelor.rpc.Resource : JPQL: SELECT new List(, self.version, ...) FROM Entity self LEFT JOIN ... WHERE (self.archived is null OR self.archived = false) ORDER BY self.fieldA DESC, DESC
com.axelor.rpc.Resource : Records found: 40

it will help to understand the issue.

If needed, remove/change any sensitive data when sharing.


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