Parameters for REST API

Hello. Can anyone tell me where I can find documentation and examples for applying parameters to REST API calls when finding records? i.e. I want to specify a search parameter like « fullName=Sarah Smith » and/or a sort parameter like « sortBy=fullName » and/or a field list parameter like « fields=[fullName,town,postcode] ». I am able to get the basic mechanism working using the example in the « REST services - Find a record » documentation, but that only shows the « offset » and « limit » parameters being used, which is not very helpful. I really need something which shows what the whole http URL/querystring should look like when applying these different parameters.

it has full details what problem are you facing?

Thanks for that, Siddique. I had not noticed that there were further REST services described in a different section! Confusing that this information is not listed, or at least a link provided, in the « REST Services » section.