Partner and Attached Partners in Company Creation

I’m setting up a Company, but I’m unclear on 2 points.

  1. If I’m setting up a company there is a field near the top of the Company tab labeled « Partner ». The search function provides a list built from the customers and suppliers that have been set up. But under what business scenario would I specify a partner code here? In other words, what purpose does it serve.

  2. On the Company tab at the bottom of information sub-tab there is a section for « Attached Partners ». However, the select button doesn’t bring up the partner list as it did in the Partner field. In fact it’s empty. So what is an « Attached Partner » and under what scenario would I specify attached partners these for a company?

Thanks for any insight here.


  1. Partner field on Company form : We can create the partner for the specific company too to use it as partner reference wherever required. So the list it’s showing when you are going to select the Partner on Company form, is a list of records from Partners.
  1. Attached Partners field on Company form : This field is to refer all the Internal partners for the specific company. (For this partners Internal Partner will be checked). So to have the list of partner to select for this field, partner should be the internal one.

Hope this will help !!
Feel free to contact if confusion is there.

Thank you.