Payment Processing Module?


Im very excited at the possibility of Axelor for being my small business ERP. Does Axelor have a process for tying in Payment providers? For example Paypal or others?

If I want to send an online bill to a client with a link for “Pay your bill here” link included.

Any information is greatly appreciated,


not available in erp, but we can extend it to get that part done

Hi Siddique,
Could you please help me understand payment assistant - payment voucher.
How does it work ?
When I try to use it and click on “search element to pay” nothing pops up.
Similarly if I go through invoice and use register payments, it also does not work.


yes, it only worked once, tried hard to debug it but couldn’t reach on result

so I made another simple screen to cover these

Please share any contact info, a email ID…

As we are planning to debug and implement the code.