Pb to access rest WS on a bundle test installation

Hello , i have install Axelor bundle to test the ERP functionalities.
I dont test the api rest on postman :
this request dont work ( 404 not found )
What i do wrong ?

try http://localhost:8080/open-platform-demo/ws/rest/com.axelor.contact.db.Contact&offset=0&limit=40
it should work

No , same return 404

with http://localhost:8080/ws/rest/com.axelor.contact.db.Contact&offset=0&limit=40 exception classnotfound

Just in case of, did u install and activate the BASE module where the Contact class is located ?
Do you have access to the login page with http://localhost:8080/index.jsp ?

Yes ,contacts are activate and i have access to http://localhost:8080/index.jsp

can you check with http://localhost:8080/ws/rest/com.axelor.auth.db.Group?offset=0
don’t know if the object com.axelor.contact.db.Contact exists and if yes in which module, maybe you mean “Contract” and not “Contact” ?

Yes i check , I have copying the sample in documentation , i suppose doesnt exist. Thanks a lot

maybe they mean com.axelor.contract.db.Contract which is inside the Contract Module.
@sos-axelor Maybe you should update the docs :slight_smile:

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