Period for Invoices & Payments

Hello everyone
When I try to Ventilate the Invoice, I meet this problem:
but I have already opened fiscal period:

fiscal year is also opened.

How can I fix it?

fiscal year and period settings seems ok, you selected same company in move?

in move? You meant Invoice?)) everywhere is the same company, but I’m not sure what you mean when you talk about ‹ move ›


I think you need to configure here :

config apps > Manage Apps > Accounting > Journal

Then try this :

  • Write directly the accounting line in the right journal.
  • Configure to make the validation invoice in 2 steps : accounting and ventilate.

move I meant transactions, move comes in financial accountings

I’ve checked everywhere, but can’t find where I can select the period:

What I’m doing wrong?)

can you share the invoice details page ?

Yes, sir

Is the taxes journal the problem ?

EDIT : No sorry, there are no taxes journal :sweat_smile: