Permissions conditions settings

Hello everyone
Could you please help me?
I want to create a user for my manufacturing Technik. He will do some operations during manufacturing order is in production. I want to add him the rights to start and finish operation orders but only where this Technik is a Human resource as a employee.
What should I write in the ‹ condition › & ‹ params › fields in the permission?

I have a similar situation in other roles, but there I opened access for users only for his own records, then
condition=self.createdBy = ?

But the problem is manufacturing order can be created by another user (manager), so ‹ self.createdBy › doesn’t fit.

What should I do write in these fields (condition, param)?
thx for your help

who should see this record ? if he is team member of production, that will work?

This record should see:

  • manager (he sees ALL operation orders)
  • engineer (he sees only that operation orders, where he is human resource)